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The SCIP project (Strategic Climate Institutions Programme) includes lot of organisations with different tasks and various programmes all over the world. Establishing a Climate Green Zone along the Akaki river (one of the major rivers in the center of Addis Abeba) is the main topic of this british fund in Ethiopia, Addis Abeba.

Tena Kebena is one of six organistions working on this side of the SCIP project. Our tasks included e.g.

  • supporting Green Micro Enterprise and youth and woman buisnesses,
  • mentoring of disandvantaged children and youth,
  • providing trainings and technical support on bio-intensive gardening / urban agriculture,
  • working on soil conservation and bio-remediation methods for polluted water.

This weekend the project of the last year got the finishing touch. We finished the renovation of the old house and store for the Former Women Fire Wood Carriers Association“, working along the Akaki river.

Also the movable, environmental friendly, multi-purposal mini room for the „Sira Begara“ was built up at their side. Now this small new organisation with its very commited members has an office / store / meeting room and can expand their efforts on urban agriculture in this degraded area of the riverbanks of Akaki river.

By: Valerie Seitz, volunteer

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