Tena Kebena in amharic: "health" name of a local river in Addis Abeba/ in oromifa: „cold, fresh water“ Tena Kebena is a youth organisation working on environmental issues to raise environmental awareness in the local community. It was founded in 1993 by the two young guys Alemayehu Akalu and Desalegn Firew. Desalegn is still its director. Now there are two permanent employees, some volunteers from all over the world and about 80 members between 5 and 80 years. They are all working hand in hand for the major principles of the association.

Tena Kebenas main topic is to spread urban agriculture. But what does this interesting phrase mean? Definition: intensive gardening integrated in the urban ecosystem

The importance of Urban Agriculture is caused by urban poverty and food insecurity with the matter of rapid urbanization, especially in Addis Ababa. Tena Kebena educates the youth and the local community on bio-intensive gardening (vegetables and medicinal plants) and recycling issues to enable them and their families to free themselves from hunger and generate income.

training session
recycling issues
Artemisia plants against Malaria

As a non profit organisation our projects are enabled by individual donors and our national and international partners (e.g. DFID, Institute for Sustainable Development, Strategic Climate Intitutions Programme, United Nation Environmental Programme, ...).

In "projects" you can find some examples of former and recent projects of Tena Kebena.

Your donation could help to continue this projects or develop new ones to combat climate change and better peoples daily lifes in ethiopia!